Knife & Impressions


Umasankar has done a stupendous job in the Culinary Olympics; he has brought proud moment to all the Chefs in India. He is very good in vegetable carving and he can do much more.

Dr.Chef. Soundararajan General Secretary - IFCA & Member - WACS Education committee. Corporate Executive Chef Mahindra Holidays and Resorts India Ltd

I have known Uma since his college days and his passion for art in general and food sculpture in particular. BRAND CAI is very proud of his achievement at the IKA Culinary Olympics. I would like to share that Uma's skills are not restricted only to Vegetable and Fruit Carving but has a very good command over Edible Sculpture covering areas such as Aspic, Butter, Ice, Tallow etc. He is today a very big inspiration to a lot of young and budding culinary artists all over India.

Chef.Sudhakar N Rao Director / Principal Culinary Academy of India.

Umasankar Dhanapal is a very good carver who showed his work at the prestigious World Culinary Olympics IKA 2012 in Germany and he won a bronze award.His work is varied, he doesn't focus on just one style of carving. He carves flowers as well as melons, pumpkins, plastic motives and 3D motives. He learned from books and he attended courses in Thailand and our studio. I was impressed by his great enthusiasm and that he is willing to sacrifice a lot for his goal. Many participants went through our courses however Umasankar belongs between those who we are very happy to remember and he became our friend.

Chef.Ludek Prochazka Winner of IKA / Culinary Olympics 2000, 2004, & 2008 Owner of Czech Carving Studio

" Food and Art have been close to man's heart from the beginning of civilization.
Kae Sa Lak - The ancient Fruit and Vegetable carving art from Thailand - brings Food and Art together to form an even more endearing combination.
Mr. Umasankar Dhanapal is a distinguished chef who has brought home glory with his success at the World Culinary Olympics IKA 2012.
I believe that he is best suited to propagate the Art in India and wish him all the success !! "

CK Ranganathan Chairman & Managing Director CavinKare Pvt Ltd 12,Cenotaph Road Chennai 600 018.

"I came to know Umasankar out of the blue and I think it is thru Facebook if I am not mistaken. I am lucky I did not miss out his friendship, a very nice helpful person. A chef with lots of enthusiasm and passionate in cooking, which is very rare to find in today’s chef. We always have good chat over the phone when ever time permits and we discuss all; he is person with all interests. His interest in vegetable and other carving is amazing. As carver my self I know how time consuming and tedious job it is. Really one should have deadly aptitude to pamper himself in these carving activities. I wish him very best in all his activities both career wise and his extra curricular activities."

Chef.Balagurunathan Venkatesan, Corporate Chef, Asiana Hotels, Chennai. Executive Committee Member, South India Culinary Association.

In my two and half decades of experience in the field of hospitality, seldom I have seen a Culinary Artist such that of Mr. Umasankar Dhanapal.
He is a great inspiration for many in his field now and for the generations to come.

R.Bennet, Director - School of Hotel & Catering Management Vels University

I was overwhelmed by the passion of young Umasankar in the art of Food Carving at my very first meeting few years back in Chennai. He is a great genius in the art of food and vegetable carving. The way he pursued his passion and went on to participate and win medals at the Culinary Olympics for the country that too without support from any quarters, is truly inspiring.
I wish Uma and his venture, Knife & Impressions, all success!

P Krishna Kumar, Assistant Editor, Hospitality Biz

Umasankar is a wizard and he is able to create inspiring pieces of art out of vegetables and fruits! He has an amazing amount of passion for the art of vegetable and fruit carving and not only does he practice, pursue and strive for perfection, he is very open to teaching the art and spreading the joy.
I wish him greater success and hope he wins many more accolades for the nation!

Chef.Rajesh Radhakrishnan Regional Director & Acting General Manager, The Park – Chennai.

When Umasankar walked in to my kitchen,my intro to my fellow chefs about him was "The only medal winner from India at the Culinary Olympics!". I am happy indeed for Chef Umasankar Dhanapal, apart from being a skilled Chef, he is also an affable, bright young man with an ambitious mind and I wish him all success in his endeavors.

Chef.Vijaya Baskaran, Executive Chef & F&B Manager, Le Meridian, Bangalore Vice President,Indian Federation of Culinary Associations.

Master Carver Chef Umasankar Dhanapal is one of the finest in India. He has represented India at Culinary competition IKA 2012 and won accolades for the country. He has played a significant role in reviving this art in India. He is very passionate, always ready to share his skills to the younger generation. I wish him all the success in propagating this art.

Chef.Vivek Saggar, Chef.Consultant, Certified WACS Judge, Executive Member - Indian Culinary Forum.