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Student's Voice

Training the kids on vegetable carving was wonderfully done. The kids were able to understand and perform the carving with much joy.Thanks to Chef for the scheduling the class for kids. The master chef was excellent..

S.Manamalli gnan***** | 98*****540 | 17th Apr, 2016

Very good and excellent training has provided. I have taken the basic program course because of my self interested to know the carving art where I don`t have any base knowledge on this. I am really thank to "Uma Sankar" Sir who has given this training to me and he is very kind and motivational person which helps to encourage students during training session. Thank you Sir.

Maha maha***** | 91*****412 | 30th Mar, 2016

Its really very nice experience with the master Chef Umashankar Dhanapal. I was so surprised about the approaches of chef with the students. Very humble and down to earth to teach all tactics and eagerly waiting for next session classes. Thank you chef.

S.Ramanathan subr***** | 97*****326 | 17th Feb, 2016

Awesome, actually I have undergone the course 2 and truly saying, I thought I can learn carving just with Youtube but the perfection that is what I got from Mr.Umashankar and I am waiting for my days to join the next set of courses. The way he teaches is from basic to the higher level is kind of easy to learn. The courses are perfectly planned and he is an ultimate artist with very good teaching skills. Keep it up MrUmashankar and all the best for knife and impressions!!!!!

Bass avir***** | 97*****873 | 17th Feb, 2016

It was amazing.. It is a very beautiful skill to be learnt by all if u wish to impress your own soul.. I had an outstanding experience with him.

Fathima dhal***** | 98*****832 | 25th Oct, 2015

Knife And Impressions had conducted a two day program on 3rd and 4th of October 2015 which is very useful for those who love crafts in food carving. These two days went very fast. During these hours, we learnt different types of flowers, petals, leaves making etc. using different vegetables which is very useful for giving day to day presentations in our house and home need functions. In this we want to specify the making of prawns using carrots which was very attractive. The chef, Mr. Umasankar Dhanapal gave individual attention to all the students who participated in the program and taught them well. Thanks for giving us such an opportunity.

Hemalatha Kathirvelu 99*****280 | 16th Oct, 2015

We were fortunate to have Chef Umashankar& his assistants come over to our institute for a Demonstration on Vegetable & fruit carving. It was nice to see him encourage his 2 assistants in the art of carving as well as promote these skills amongst the youth!.

Preeti Mehta pree***** | 98*****752 | 12th Oct, 2015

I learned lot of interesting and new things on vegetable carving from Chef Uma Shankar sir. He is very patient in teaching, environment was good and encouraging. I recommend this institute to understand and learn more about vegetable carving. The course is worth the money.

V.Kavitha kavi***** | 90*****404 | 6th Oct, 2015

I am really happy to be a student of Chef.Umasankar Dhanapal. I carved many different types of flowers, leaves and table presentations and if was very useful for me do presentations and I hope I will learn as much as I can from him. Thank you so much for teaching me patiently.

S.Venkatesan venk***** |  98*****825

I am so proud to be a student of Mr.Umasankar Dhanapal sir. I have learnt so many things from him and I have learnt patience from him. He is a good guru in my life and first of all I did not know about carving but he thought me each and everything by his hand. Thank you so much for giving me wonderful days in my life.

Pyla Raghu pyla***** |  83*****547

I had attended the basic carving workshop at Knife and Impression. When I called Mr.Umasankar Dhanapal, I told him "I am not a catering student nor a great cook, or do I have any knife cutting skills- will I be able to do??. He explained to me in detail, about the class, what all he is going to teach, and how. This gave me the confidence to attend the class. He patiently explained to me each and every techniques and made me feel comfortable to use the knife. At the end of the workshop- he has opened up a new perspective for me to look at the art of carving. Not many get the opportunity to learn from the "IKA Culinary Olympian-2012". So catering students, housewives or anyone who wants to learn the art of carving, then- this the best place, value for time, value for money and learn from the master himself.

Indhu 94*****665

I attended Umasankar Dhanapal class and was very much impressed as he totally surrendered to my level. He was very patient and taught to hold knife, cuts and curves to me at the age of 50 years. Enjoyed and learned basics and after practice planning 2nd class. At the beginning wasted lots of vegetables but still he kept teaching good. I am overall happy with my experience.

G Visalakshi visa***** |  98*****365

There are many people who are brilliant and shine in their abilities or talents. But when the same person tries to be a teacher.. they may not be able to get it across to the student. But the Basic Carving Class I took up the weekend of 27 & 28 June was a wonderful experience. Umasankar Dhanapal is not only brilliant in what he does he is an excellent teacher as well. Patiently explained over and again to us beginners as to how to... the dos and don`t . He made sure we held the knife correctly. As a mother would teach her child the first time how to write by holding the childs hand... he held our hand and taught us the art of holding the knife when carving the pressure to be given the direction everything. In this digital world everything is available online. But I believe in old school. We all need a GURU. and I would recommend this class to anyone who is interested in this art. Down to earth, friendly, outgoing and encouraging is a few more words I can add to this humble human.

Uma umbl***** |  98*****534

I learned it quick and from a very good teacher. He was very supportive and appreciative of our progress. He was excellent in parting in knowledge. Looking forward to attend more advance classes.

Mala 94*****500 13th Jun, 2015

I`m a Hotel Management student, & I`m really interested in carving but I don`t know where to learn this lovely art!!.. So I used to search in Internet & finally I got exact institute named Knife and Impressions.. With many desires I joined for the basic course known as `Floral Ecstasy`!.. It was really awesome!! Mr.Umasankar Dhanapal Sir has taught me in a very polite manner. I`m going to attend the upcoming advanced courses very soon!!. Thank god 😊 for giving a right institute to learn carving & I really thank god for giving me a chance to work with an Olympian!! I feel very proud!!

Karthik kart***** |  90*****502

It was an amazing experience to learn the basics of vegetable and fruit carving from an Olympian, in floral ecstasy .I never knew , simple techniques can make magic !!. Prior experience not required. Your fingers can make wonders if you have an interest . The institute also conducts basic and advance courses in various levels.fees is nominal . It was fantastic two days experience to be learnt as a hobby !!

Joshitha josm***** |  95*****839

I have joined “Knife and Impressions” and I have learned advance level in “Wonders in Melons” and “Floral Ecstasy”. Umasankar Dhanapal sir has taught me lots of techniques. Thank you for teaching the advance techniques, sir. I am very proud to be his student.

Johnson john***** |  80*****832

I joined Knife and Impressions with many desires to do something in carving and I really loved it. I learned basics in carving and it was really awesome. He taught us each and everything in very good manner. When I am working with Mr.Umasankar sir, its like I am also one of his family member and I feel proud as working with an Olympian.

Divakar diva***** |  97*****354

I have attended basic level of carving in Knife Impression Institute and Umashankar sir has taught lot of carving techniques. He made me to practice until I had perfect cuttings and he has treated us very nicely like his family member. I am proud to be a student of this institute, those who want to learn carving, this will be the best institute. Sir, my heartiest thanks for teaching me and now I am able to do fruit carvings by myself and impress others. Looking forward to attend next level training.

Jeevithpriya- jeev***** | 99*****3758

Its really a superb institute!. I have completed 3 levels of Vegetable and Fruit Carving Courses few weeks ago. Very useful course for Culinary Artists, Hoteliers, and Hotel Management & Catering Technology Students. Chef.Umasankar Dhanapal is the best and a very polite teacher I have ever seen. He takes care of each and every student in his class. I`m very proud to say that I am trained by the first Indian who won the Bronze Medal from World Culinary Olympics, Germany for our Country.

Karthick K kart***** | 99*****01225

I attended the basic vegetable carving course under Umasankar sir. The training method was exceptionally good and I was able to learn a lot in just 2 days. The individual attention is the best part of his classes and the detail with which every bit of skill was imparted was an amazing experience. Holding the knife is an art by itself and this was taught in a concise and crystal clear manner which helped me to grasp the basics easily. Highly recommend this class for all vegetable carving enthusiasts.

Kalyani S kaly***** | 94*****2646

Want to learn carving... This is the right place n Uma sir is the right teacher. Before going to d class i had a doubt whether i will be able to do it, but after Sirs instruction n guidance I was able to do a good job. I started loving the class so much. We learn under sirs direct supervision. He s a very good N patient instructor. He does not leave us until we thoroughly learn the step. Felt like being n another home. Will definitely go back for more courses.

Chandra Vadhana venk***** | 98*****8705

The kind of training that Umasankar Dhanapal is delivering is awesome. His skill demonstration and guided practice makes students who never did carving before to make beautiful vegetable carvings and floral arrangement. It was wonderful learning experience from the Champion of Culinary Olympics.

Ronald Arockiaraj rono***** | 95*****89012

His training was excellent, I learnt carving in a very short period and completed three "Levels" within 6 days. No one in India, except Chef.Umasankar Dhanapal, can teach the Art of Carving so easily and perfectly in a short span of time. I have posted the photographs of my carving in Facebook. Almost 25 friends (most of them working in Star Hotels and Luxury Liners) of mine asked me "Where did you learn it from?" that`s the impact of his training. He is not doing it as business, but passionately spreading the art of Carving. I proudly say that I am a Student of Mr.Umasankar Dhanapal & from Knife and Impressions - The Institute of Carving. I think this is the right place to learn the art professionally for "Extraordinary Presentations". He is the first Indian who won the medal from Culinary Olympics. I am sure every student trained by Chef.Umasankar Dhanapal, will make great impact in the field of "Culinary Artistry" and make him very proud by the way of spreading this wonderful art.

Singaravelan Sambandam rssv***** | 95*****37219

Before joining this class I had not thought that I would learn this art perfectly within two days. But it became possible only because of your clear perfect and patient teaching. I would proudly say that I am a student of such an extraordinary teacher.

Priyanka K tkan***** | 98*****44614th Jan, 2015

I have learnt the basic carving from you it is a good art to learn from an expert like you. I wish this would be an eye opener for a feature of many young chefs.

Jalakandeswar eswa***** | 91*****053