Knife & Impressions

About Us

Knife & Impressions - The Institute of Carving is founded with a commitment to spread the art of " Vegetable and Fruit Carving ". Our " Big Goal " is to spread this art form across the globe by tapping the creativity of prospective aspirants through our live and online Courses, Books and Tools.

The learning programs are designed in a way that will help learner learn the necessary, step by-step skills that will help them to carve like a professional. The courses are structured into different levels to make the learning simple and effective. Each level will aim at equipping aspirants with the required technical skills to carve varieties of vegetables and fruits of different textures. This will ensure that every participant is capable of creating a simple floral arrangements and theme based presentations as well.

Knife & Impressions practices a training methodology that is proven by leading carvers from all over the world. This ensures that every learner is given a special attention to acquire skills that are demonstrated and coached at every level. This methodology ensures effective learning with in a stipulated period of time.

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Chef.Umasankar DhanapalWinner of IKA / Culinary Olympics